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All items are made in Toronto, Canada, with Love.

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dark denim knee length skirt with teardrop side patch featuring narwhal, polar bear, killer whale, walrus, seal, muskox, arctic hare, caribou, arctic fox
Scrunchie - Leopard Print
Chloe Top - Brush - Green
Cotton Face Mask - Donuts
fun gift idea. Cute apron perfect for baking or hosting. 100% cotton. Food trucks. hostess gift. Christmas gift.
Cotton Face Mask - Arctic Animals
Sweater - Raccoon
Dania Tunic - Leopard
Dania Tunic - Merlot Flower
Dania Tunic - Blue Flower
Chloe Top - Confetti Trio
Cotton Face Mask - Adult - Panda
Cotton Mask - KIDS
Sold Out Cotton Face Mask - Deer in Glasses
Cotton Face Mask - VW Camper - Men's and Women's
Frills Dress - Sloth
Frills Dress - with Matching Mask!
Black Denim Face Mask - Choose your print
Ice Cream Cones and Food Trucks Cotton Face Mask Pizza Truck Hotdog Truck Taco Truck Ice Cream Truck
Cotton Face Mask - Dust Mask - Campers
Cotton Face Mask - Dust Mask - Cockatoo
Julia Tunic - Cats
Julia Tunic - Floral - Rust
Denim Face Mask - Dust Mask
Cotton Face Mask - Dust Mask
Panel Tee - Teal
Panel Tee - Pink
Panel Tee - Blue
Abigail Dress - Ladies in Red
Frills Dress - Birds