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All items are made in Toronto, Canada, with Love.

Featured Items

Denim Skirt - Donuts
Denim Skirt - Unicorn
Denim Skirt - Puffins
Olivia Dress - Pre-Order
Olivia Dress - Faces
Olivia Dress - Happy Floral - Blue
Olivia Dress - Floral Vines
Frills Dress - Puffins
Julia Tunic - Dandelion
Julia Tunic - Squirrel
Frills Dress - Unicorn
Midi Skirt - Unicorn
Benedict Dress - Dogs
Benedict Dress - Floral
Benedict Dress - Cats
Midi Skirt - Rust Floral
Midi Skirt - Faded Floral
Midi Skirt - Rose Floral
Midi Skirt - Cars and Campers
Julia Tunic - Ice Cream and Popsicles
Panel Tee - Cars and Campers
Julia Tunic - Dusty Floral
Cotton Face Mask - Unicorn
Cotton Face Mask - Puffins
Midi Skirt - Dusty Floral
Midi Skirt - Ice Cream and Popsicles
Diffuser Bracelet - Pebbles
Panel Tee - Ice Cream and Popsicles
Panel Tee - Dusty Floral
Chloe Top - Leopard